Sunday, January 09, 2005

Aborted Holiday Post

Over the past six weeks, I have been writing and re-writing a post entitled "What I don't want for Channukah!" The basic idea was that I had no desire to get an iPod and how I thought digital downloads were destroying the idea of the classic album. I still hold by many ideas and the thoughts (and I had some great one-liners) but that post is being put on the back-burner for the following three reasons:

* After six weeks the piece is nowhere near complete and what is complete is nowhere near satisfactory.

* To the shock of many industry insiders (and yours truly), CD sales actually rose in 2004. The first annual increase since 2000.

* Many of my concerns and points I wished to make were articulated quite nicely by David Browne in this past week's Entertainment Weekly (Jan. 14, 2005). I encourage all to read.

G-d willing, I'll be back next month with my first musical list. In honor of Valentine's Day, we'll look at 20 of the most romantic pop songs of all time.
Stay tuned.......